FSG tilt sensor

Pendulum encoder PE-WD-01/GS120

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Potentiometric, inductive or magnetoresistive, oil-damped pendulum systems.

The sizes of the angle of inclination of a platform, as z. B. on
- Crane vehicles and large transporters
- Excavators and drills
- Ship and offshore installations
These are important measurement data in the safety and control system of these machine systems. These angles are measured, for example for leveling the systems, with two-axle dispensers.

Einachspendel capture, for example, the
- Angular position of a crane jib
- Bank of a vehicle
- Location of a work platform, weir flap or similar facilities

These encoders contain oil-damped pendulum systems in a robust, splash-proof aluminum housing in protection classes IP 65 to IP 68, the pendulum deflection of which is measured using potentiometric, non-contact, inductive or optoelectronic rotary angle transmitters, depending on the application range and angle size. For safety-relevant measuring tasks, the pendulum deflection per axis becomes redundant, i. H. detected with two mechanically and electrically independently working pendulum systems.

The output signal of the inclination values ​​is available either analogue in the form of a resistance, current or voltage change or digitally - also with bus interface.
For use as a tilt switch, z. As on work platforms, crane vehicles or in heightening systems on cargo ships Einachspendelgeber be implemented with built-in Min-Max comparator.

For measured value representation and limit value monitoring of the measured inclination values ​​u. a. to disposal:
- Coordinate indicator (x / y indicator)
- Min / Max switchgear
- Transducer for signal conversion
and monitoring the resulting slope amount from the x and y axes.
Condition: Used

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